Welcome to Coleman Jr High Library!

Amy Wright Librarian


Ext. 32014




Kendall Lopez

Library Assistant


Ext. 32015

To vote for our monthly candy jar and see what activities we have going on click on the first two tabs above.

Students you can check your skyward by accessing the student dashboard on the student tab.

Teachers if you would like to check out a chromebook cart or reserve the lab that will be under the teachers tab.

Looking for a book?

Click on the Books in library tab to see if we have it. If it doesn't show up there then maybe we have the e-book on OverDrive. If all else fails send us a book request and we will try and add it!

We are always taking book requests so if we have a book that you really want to read please leave it under the book tab!

Library Hours

Monday: 8:00- 3:55



Friday: 7:45-3:55

Bell Schedule

6th Grade

1st 8:28-9:17

2nd 9:20-10:11

3rd 10:14-11:03

4th 11:06-11:54

5th 11:57-1:36

B Lunch 11:58-12:43

6th 1:39-2:05 (Advisory)

7th 2:08-2:59

8th 3:02-3:53

7th & 8th Grade

1st 8:25-9:13

2nd 9:17-10:07

3rd 10:11-10:59

4th 11:03-11:54

A Lunch 11:06-11:51

5th 11:58-1:32

C Lunch 12:47-1:32

6th 1:36-2:01 (Advisory)

7th 2:05-2:55

8th 2:59-3:55

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