Fall is Here


It is that time of year when the weather gets cooler, the leaves start falling and football is in full swing. Fall is here! You have 45 minutes to solve the breakout, or there could be a chance winter will get here much faster then necessary.

A cornucopia is a hollow, cone-shaped wicker basket. It is usually filled with fruits and vegetables. Sometimes it can be filled with nuts and fall colored leaves and flowers.

The cornucopia isa popular decoration for the Fall. It is a symbol an an abundant harvest.

Believe it or not, many towns in the United States have the word FALL as part of their name:

Falls Church, Virginia

Fall City, Washington

Fallbrook, California

Fall Branch, Tennessee

Fall River, Wisconsin

Living in certain parts of the world, you will see something happen each fall that is almost magical. The leaves on the tree will turn color.


A deciduous tree is a tree that loses its leaves every fall and grows new leaves each spring. Each year deciduous trees go through a process in which their green leaves become bright yellow, orange and red for a few weeks before turning brown and falling to the ground.

Scarecrows have been around a long time. The Egyptians used scarecrows to protect their wheat fields along the Nile River from flocks of quail. The Greek, Roman, and Japanese farmers made scarecrows to protect their rice fields. Today, in the United States you might see a scarecrow in a small garden.

Recently, many communities have scarecrow festivals in the fall. Competitions are held to see who can come up with wild and crazy ways to decorate a scarecrow.

The Seasons in the Northern Hemisphere


June 1 to August 31


September 1 to November 30


December 1 to February 28


March 1 to May 31