Twin Cities Business Architecture Forum : Architecting for Good

Non-profit organization are you....

  • Trying to figure out

    • how to expand service

    • how to respond to changing environment

  • Struggling to understand how to articulate the value you provide

  • Looking to better align your employees and volunteers

Architecting for Good has....

  • Experienced business resources looking for opportunities to give back to our community by providing pro-bono business consulting service

Who can help achieve your mission by providing methods to....

  • Clearly articulate strategy throughout the organization

  • Identify “what” is needed to be successful

  • Subjectively evaluate how organization currently performs in key areas

  • Prioritize initiatives to most effectively use limited resources/funding

  • Take an external perspective to align service

The Twin Cities Business Architecture Forum (TCBAF) is a professional community of Business Architects, Senior Business Analysts, and other affinity roles that come together to share best practices and promote the productive use of Business Architecture. TCBAF has collaborated with S2E Transformation Inc.’s Architecting For Good (A4G) organization to provide opportunities for our members to give back to our community by using their talents to help non-profits.


Become a Business Architecture resource for local non-profits to enable organizations to improve their operations, fulfill their purpose, and ensure their ability to achieve their mission.


To leverage Business Architecture problem-solving skills to help protect, grow and sustain local non-profits and deliver their initiatives into the future.