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Snap Fitness Contracted Personal Trainer

What does the club offer?

You will be provided with quality leads and support for your business no matter what level of experience you have in the fitness industry, in a fair environment and a supportive team.

Business Planning and Mentorship

Let us start your career by assigning you your own PT mentor to deliver an initial 1-week Business Development induction, 12 Week Training & Development program, and ongoing weekly Strategy Meetings. Trainers are also equipped with access to our Online Portal containing ready to use client and business management software, along with templates and resources to download for your PT business.

Affordable Business Model

We offer an initial 6 week build-up phase to assist you in the early stages of growing your client base. We have a very competitive rent rate making us one of the lowest cost contractor models in the industry. We also have career progression opportunities for PT’s looking to advance into paid management roles within our group locally or even nationally.

Fair Member and Lead Ratio

We operate in a small box community-based gym, meaning we only hire trainers to meet our qualified lead demands. We provide a member to trainer ratio of 300: 1 giving our team equal share to build long term client bases. We also assist our trainers with getting clients by selling new member PT introduction packs, providing access to our member database, including our trainers in club social media campaigns and events.

What can you earn?

As a business owner, you will have the freedom to charge your own rates and set your own training packages with the minimum session rate starting at $1/min. 

Market rate for a 30min PT session is around $50, equating to an estimted hourly rate of $100.

Earning capacity in this role is unlimited as the more sessions you service the more money you will make, with the average trainer’s income around $50-100K per annum.

What are we looking for?

Our team is seeking a fitness professional who is ready to commence a long-term career in our club. To be successful in this model you will need to be competent in the following areas;

- Open to providing new member orientations and training sessions

- Ability in running small group training sessions

-  Open to contribute and participate in club activities and campaigns

- Passionate about health and fitness and workout regularly

-  Enthusiastic and not afraid to approach people

- Exceptional customer service, communication, and sales skills

- Ability to build and manage a business and be open to further learning

What are our coaches saying?

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