Ojibway Keyboards

Ojibway Keyboard Layouts

We have created two Ojibway Keyboard Layouts, one for Mac OSX and one using Google Input Tools. Please see each of the following for instructions to use each.

Google Input Tools

Our Google Input Tools keyboard is coded to use in the Google Chrome environment. Please follow the following link to access the Google Input Tools site. You can change the language in the top left corner. Our Ojibway keyboard is expected to be live in late November / early December 2017

Mac OSX Keyboard

The keyboard that we designed to use in Mac OSX requires the user to download and install it on their computer. Please read the instruction manual provided to help.

  1. Ojibwe ᐊᓂᔑᓋᐯᒧᐄᓐ Keyboard 2.0 .dmg file
  2. Ojibwe ᐊᓂᔑᓋᐯᒧᐄᓐ Keyboard Instruction Manual .pdf file