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Library Procedures

The library is a space to use collaboratively. Some options for library use include research skills lessons, small group learning, DEAR days, gallery walks, extension and enrichment activities, etc. I am open for all your great ideas for library use and instruction. Please plan with me so we can best meet the needs of your students.

Book check-out:

Small-Group: 3 at a time with an appropriate pass showing the return time.

Whole Group: Talk to your students about books, help them select books, and model the library expectations.

Students who have overdue books may not be able to check out books until the overdue books are returned or payment is made.


The library makerspace can be used as a reward or after school. There are monthly maker activities students or teachers can create or makers can choose to use the supplies to make their own creation. The makerspace can be used to enrich and extend classroom learning. Let's collaborate and see what students can create based on what they learn in your class.

Renee De Hoyos, M.L.I.S

TMS Library Services