Feuerstein Programme

TIS is excited to offer the Feuerstein programme to selected students. We are one of a handful of schools in Wellington able to provide this fantastic, internationally regarded programme and there is no cost to students or families. 

 The Feuerstein method improves how every person learns by enhancing their analysis and reasoning skills through non-curricular cognitive exercises and discussion. 

 We have been offering the Feuerstein IE Programme since 2015 and have seen great outcomes for our students: increased confidence, willingness to tackle new challenges, and transfer of strategies used in Feuerstein sessions to the classroom and beyond.

Here's what our students and parents say about Feuerstein:


The Feuerstein Institute  for information about the programme and its international reputation. 


Jo Keats Sule (Lead Facilitator): jo.sule@tawaint.school.nz

Claire Walker (Facilitator): claire.walker@tawaint.school.nz

Katrina Green (Facilitator): katrina.green@tawaint.school.nz