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TARIT / WRC - iPou Project - 2018

Mercury Visit - April 2018

River Sense Workshops September / October 2018

LINZ - 12 October 2018

RiverSense: Digital Kaitiaki Project

Stakeholder Meeting Presentation [Friday 22 September 2017].pptx

RiverSense is a network of remote water sensors for continuously monitoring some aspects of water quality across five sites within the upper Waikato catchment.

This project will explore ways to present information in an engaging manner such that it encourages the community to think about, and participate in, river conservation and development.

The remote water sensors will monitor the condition of the water as it flows through the upper catchment. The five sensors will be located up the Waikato River from Huka Falls to Atiamuri. Real-time and historical water quality data will be freely available for anyone to access Online.

iPou Project 2018

iPou: Kakaramea

iPou: Te Kopia

Te Arawa River Iwi Trust, The Waikato River Authority and Maori ICT provider Touch Media Ltd are collaborating on an Interactive Pou initiative along the Waikato River.

This project will deliver 10 interactive Pou placed along the Waikato river and in the upper catchment essentially telling the story of Te Arawa River iwi and their relationship with Waikato River and surrounding Whenua. This project adds to and complements the existing IPou within the TARIT rohe, that are already in operation.

This project looks to develop an engaging educational, historical, and cultural layer to the Waikato River and its tributaries.

We are achieving this with a Physical Interactive Pou or “iPou” connected by a cloud framework and situated at specific points of Interest along the Waikato River walkways and bikeways delivering site specific information and Maatauranga Maaori to the mobile device giving the end user a useful, engaging and informative cultural experience through their device.

This service is delivered through iPou tied to a cloud framework which will effectively “talk” to mobile devices and fetch appropriate cloud based information when engaged.

Water Testing: Waikarakia, Pokaitu, Tahungaatara, Atiamuri

Te Arawa River Iwi Trust Water Quality Testing Summary Notes.pdf
Te Arawa River IWI Fiield Notes.pdf