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January 14-17, 2022



July, 2022 TBA


Shira Yaziv enjoys encouraging people to move in new ways while learning skills and being creative. Her background is in Capoeira, Circus Arts and Dance. Shira is the co-founder and owner of Athletic Playground, a dynamic indoor play-space, inspiring physical play through a wide variety of movement classes. For more information about Shira, including upcoming performances, workshops and retreats: shira.yaziv.com

“Shira is a wonderful teacher skilled at teaching to all levels. Her classes combine acrobatics, tricks, improvisation, movement games and also more simple, meditative movements.”

Sebastian Grubb is an award-winning fitness trainer and dance artist in San Francisco. He has taught and performed contemporary dance since 2007, touring throughout the Bay Area, across the U.S. and abroad. As a movement coach he teaches biomechanics and fluid movement principles based on dance, somatics, functional fitness and athletics. Learn more at bodywagging.dance

"As a teacher, Sebastian is kind and generous, always supporting and encouraging those he works with."

"Sebastian has a way of turning the human body into a jungle gym and makes working out a full-body, innovative and playful activity."

Megan Lowe is a dancer, choreographer, performer, singer-songwriter, dance filmmaker, teacher, and administrator, with Chinese and Irish ancestry woven into the fabric of her being. She creates dances with an affinity for site-specificity and dynamic partnering, that demonstrates the “intensely-physical, curiously-playful, delightfully-weighty rigor of physicality” (Life as a Modern Dancer). Find out more about her teaching and performance at meganlowedances.com

"We are thrilled to have Megan joining our teaching team this year, bringing her incredible skill and experience with acrobatic dancing and architectural movement discipline!"

- Sebastian & Shira

If you have any questions, feel free to email thespiralcamp@gmail.com