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The TAPA Film Major program is a rigorous 7th-12th grade curriculum focused on preparing students for professional careers and educational opportunities in modern and future Media Communications Industries. Graduating Film Majors demonstrate proficiency in learning highly advanced filmmaking techniques from concept development and preproduction to production on set and postproduction editing.

As "Pre-Majors", 7th & 8th grade students are introduced to fundamental techniques in animation and live-action filmmaking, ultimately creating an "audition film" to be considered as a High School "Film Major". (*Students take a selected "Minor" course in Dance, Theatre, or Music in Quarter 3.)

As high school "Film Majors", students learn to operate industry standard video editing/graphics software and professional audio/visual technology through a wide variety of film projects that push each student's ability to communicate a strong story arc. Film majors are encouraged to discover their visual voice as they progress through each year-long course.

  • Film9 - Intro to Film & Video: This course explores the aesthetic and technical advances of Film and Video from history to modern day. Students practice film fundamentals through a range of short film projects and develop the ability to collaborate with a film crew, operate camera equipment and edit video with Adobe Premiere Pro software.

  • Film10 - Sound in Film: This course focuses on the dynamics and fundamentals of sound in film, including projects in foley sound recording and music video production. Additionally, students are challenged with more advanced applications of composition and visual language.

  • Film10/11 - Film Practicum: This is an additional studio course which brings together 10th and 11th graders in a collaborative computer lab/studio setting that pushes student abilities in graphic design with Adobe Photoshop and Creative Cloud software. Students study motion pictures and their relationships to art history and media literacy. Students learn to participate in meaningful critique and discussion of peer artwork.

  • Film11 - Documentary Filmmaking: This course is an intensive introduction into the world of documentary filmmaking from early film history to modern media literacy. Students gain experience in the field producing and collaborating on independent documentary projects which capture various perspectives from the greater community. 11th grade Film Majors demonstrate a thorough understanding of the modes of documentary, as well as the ability to synthesize media, research, and feedback into an effective documentary.

  • Film12 - Motion Picture Production: From Budget to Big Screen: This course examines how to navigate a professional career pathways in the motion picture industry through independent and major production pipelines. Senior Film Majors are required to demonstrate their motion picture expertise in cinematography and post-production through creating professional media sample work and assembling a "Sizzle Reel" portfolio video. Additionally, Senior Film Majors create a Final Independent Film Production which is presented at the Annual Senior Final Film Show which is branded and developed by the graduating class in collaboration.

  • Parents, Family, and Community are invited to join us at every film screening event to support our student-artist Ensemble! All courses require public film screenings of student work at local theater venues such as URI PAFF Auditorium, the historic Barker Playhouse, Rustic Drive-In Movie Theater, and more! Annual Events include: Winter ArtsFest (January 2022), ArtsFest (June 2022), Senior Final Film Premiere (June 2022).

  • Students are encouraged to utilize their skills in pursuit of freelance and internship opportunities in the greater community.

The TAPA Film Majors look forward to inspiring opportunities to express their imaginations all the while feeling the true value of hard work, responsibility and respect. Our goal is to create innovations in motion picture and media production that drive the industry into a flourishing future for the benefit of the human race.


Nick Marcoux, Film Artist in Residence


Nick Marcoux is a freelance cinematographer, camera operator, editor, animator, artist and educator with 15 years of professional experience capturing documentary, live action, television, live streams, music videos, dance, concerts, comedy, sports, video installations, political events, conferences, conventions, promotions, and commercials. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Rhode Island School of Design where he majored in Film/ Animation/Video. From 2008 to 2012, Nick worked as a Camera/Graphics/Videotape Operator for local news broadcasts at WPRI-12/WNAC-64. His cinematography and editing on Lovely Hoffman's "My Black Is Beautiful" Music Video was featured on BET Network, essence, teenvogue, CNN, other media outlets and premiered at the MFA in Boston, Harlem International and Women's Only Film Festivals. Nick also worked as cinematographer, editor, and technical director for "Seamless Work" multiscreen video installation at the Slater Mill Museum(2018&2019).

Since 2010, Nick has been the Filmmaker in Residence at TAPA. Nick is a Steering Committee Member and Coach for the GiveMe5 Youth Filmmaker Lab & Film Festival, a Rhode Island School of Design Continuing Education Animation Instructor, and a Camera coach at Bentley University Hockey. The TAPA community continues to inspire Nick with fresh ideas and unique perspectives. His goal is to hone the students' technical and storytelling skills to achieve their visions effectively while guiding them into professional career opportunities.

Experience: Nick Marcoux Curriculum Vitae

Portfolio: www.marcouxpictures.com

Contact Email: mr.marcoux@tapaprovidence.org

Feel free to send an email anytime to ask any questions or set-up a meeting to discuss the TAPA Film Major Program.

Office Hours: 2021-22 Daily Class Schedule To Be Determined, Trinity Academy for the Performing Arts is open Schooldays 8am-4pm.

Ayla Ahlquist, Adjunct Film Artist in Residence


Ayla Ahlquist is a Providence-raised filmmaker, writer, and performer who has been with TAPA since 2019. An Emerson-trained producer, her passion is helping others find a story they want to tell and figuring out exactly how to bring their vision to life. In the classroom, she uses this skill set to remind students that their unique voices and experiences are stories worth telling. She feels constantly humbled by their creativity and enthusiasm, and is honored when they trust her to guide them on their artistic journey. As a writer, she loves to explore bizarre and unexpected worlds filled with characters who eventually find a way to do the right thing, and believes our own world is filled with very real people trying to do the same. Outside of school hours, you can find Ayla doing her best to make people laugh on various stages throughout Rhode Island.

TAPA Film Majors look forward to promising careers in the growing film, television, animation, gaming, internet, technology and art industries. Society has experienced the importance of video and technology in its many forms and functions to maintain quality communication and production in the 21st century economy, particularly during the COVID Era. Major advances driven by internet streaming, online learning, social media, and gaming platforms are creating vast new opportunities in for proficient filmmakers, animators, and artists alike. The TAPA Film Department is moving forward in synchronization with these technological trends by implementing state-of the art current versions of Adobe Creative Cloud professional software tools which enable each student to develop advanced technical abilities. Additionally, the TAPA Film Department maintains a parallel focus dedicated to innovations animation by pioneering new unit plans in "Blender", a 3-D Computer Animation Software which will expose and prepare students for potential opportunities in the exciting new multimedia fields such as Virtual & Augmented Reality (VR/AR/XR). Students with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for visual arts are encouraged to become a TAPA Film Major to develop the professional expertise to attain high-level positions such as:

  • Camera Operator/Cinematographer/Camera Dept.

  • Video Editor/Post-Production Dept.

  • Journalist/TV Personality/Producer

  • Graphic Designer/Web Designer

  • Photographer

  • Animator/Motion Graphics

  • Video Game Designer

  • Director

  • Grip/Gaffer/Lighting Dept.

  • Special Effect Make-Up/Set Design/Arts Dept.

  • Advertising/Marketing

  • Live-Streaming

  • Storyboard Artist/Scriptwriter/Preproduction

  • Production Assistant

"Overall employment of film and video editors and camera operators is projected to grow 18 percent from 2019 to 2029, much faster than the average for all occupations."

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Employment Projections program. 2021. Occupational Outlook Handbook. Retrieved from: https://www.bls.gov/ooh/media-and-communication/film-and-video-editors-and-camera-operators.htm#tab-6

Source:U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Employment Projections program. 2021. Occupational Outlook Handbook. Retrieved from: https://www.bls.gov/ooh/media-and-communication/film-and-video-editors-and-camera-operators.htm#tab-6

TAPA Film Majors are expected to develop a professional portfolio applicable for job opportunities throughout the media industries. Students have the opportunity to build a body of works composed of live-action, animation, documentary, music video, and experimental film . The TAPA Film Major Program includes work-based opportunities which enrich each student's resume and value as a multimedia artist.

TAPA Film Majors are expected to engage opportunities to provide media coverage and support to the greater TAPA community such as:

  • Camera Operation at multiple TAPA Public Stage Performances at various professional venues.

  • Documentary journalism in the field (including outreach, research, interview, electronic news gathering (ENG), and distribution).

  • Event Videography coverage of Providence Festivals (Pronk!, PVDFest, etc.), and Political Protests.

  • Film Festival Application and Attendance (GiveMe5 Film Festival, Providence Children's Film Festival, 401 Filmfest, RIIFF, etc.)

  • Production Crew Credits working on Film Major-Peer Independent Productions.

  • Film Budgeting, Line Production, Research, and Development for Independent Short Film Production in the field.

  • Graphic Design and Photography Services for Independent and School-wide Promotions.

  • Freelance Multimedia Services for external clientele, organization, or public initiative(i.e. FirstWorks, AS220,URI, etc.).

  • GiveMe5 Youth Filmmaking Lab Workshop Coaching, Mentorship, and Participation.

Look at our Film Major Community Highlights below to see some of the outstanding results of our "In-The-Field" Independent Student Experiences.

Film Major Community Highlight.

TAPA Film Majors Class of 2021 and 2022 produced a documentary film featuring "The Sol Gallery" Exhibition at the University of Rhode Island's Providence Campus. As part of the 11th grade documentary unit, the each Film Major participated in the project as videographers and photographers, capturing the entire gallery exhibition opening night, documenting the catalog of artwork and performing a multi-camera interview with Sol Gallery founders Rafael Diaz and Francisco Hernandez. Mattheuw Burgos & Juan Noboa De La Cruz (Class of 2021) directed the project and edited the film before COVID closed the film lab. Recently, Mattheuw Burgos was able to complete the final edit of the film along with Mr.Marcoux this past spring of 2021. The documentary reveals the story of Sol Galleries beginnings and the power celebrating diverse cultures through art.

Sol 2021 Color.mp4

Film Major Community Highlight.

TAPA Film Major Jordan Corporan Class of 2018 Filmed and Edited the Yang Wei Interview and Performance Video for First Works which was recently included as part of their Virtual Learning Series.

English Version

Census PSA.mp4

Film Major Community Highlight.

TAPA Film Majors Class of 2022 Aleck Rodriguez-Bogaert created an Animation and acted as on-camera speaking talent for Central Falls, Pawtucket, & Providence Census 2020 promotional campaign in partnership with Progreso Latino as a paid summer job in 2020.


Spanish CPSA.mp4
CJ2020_FINAL_LUCIANA Chavez.mp4

Film Major Community Highlight.

TAPA Film Majors Class of 2022 created motion graphics over an interpretive dance video in collaboration with Acclaimed Poet Christopher Johnson. Each student was assigned to use Adobe Photoshop and Premiere to animate 2-Dimensional Artwork that supported the meaning and pacing of Christopher Johnson's Poetry.

(More Video Samples on the Arts Integration Page)

Kevin Figueroa CJfinal.mp4

Winner: Vassar FilmFest 2013

Film Major Community Highlight.

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! TAPA Film Major Alumnus Preston Powell (Class of 2016) graduated with his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Filmmaking at Emerson College (Class of 2020)!!!!!

Winner: Vassar FilmFest 2015

401 FilmFest

TAPA Film Festival Accolades:

Raymond Baccari & Aydan Santos

it’s UnBearable Consequences” by Raymond Baccari, Jovan Jimenez, & Aydan Santos

with it’s UnBearable Consequences” by Raymond Baccari, Jovan Jimenez, & Aydan Santos,

“Ms. R-H” by Patrick Feliz, & “Umberto Crenca” by Efrel Solares

Greenwich Odeum, Greenwich, RI - 401 Film Festival, Artic Playhouse, West Warwick, RI -

"Floating” by Baylee Tierney

2017 Give Me 5 RI Teen Film Festival, Greenwich Odeum, Greenwich, RI - "I Miss You" by Alyssa Madriaga, & "Pronk 2016" by Dominique DaGraca

  • 2017 PVDFest Film Festival, Aurora, Providence, RI - Senior Final Films

  • 2016 401 Film Festival, Artic Playhouse, West Warwick, RI - "Domestic Doc" by Adriel Oviedo

  • 2016 Give Me 5 RI Teen Film Festival, Greenwich Odeum, Greenwich, RI - "Domestic Doc" by Adriel Oviedo & "Ghost Fight" by Jordan Corporan

2014 Future Voices Native Film Festival, New Mexico History Museum, Sante Fe, NM - "O" &

"Voices of Snoqualmie Falls" Longhouse Media, Shadell Perez, Abismael Vargas, & Nick

Marcoux(Superfly Mentor)

2014 Seattle International Film Festival, Harvard Exit Theatre, Seattle, WA - "8th Annual Superfly

Filmmaking Experience" Longhouse Media, Shadell Perez, Adriel Oviedo, Preston Powell,

Abismael Vargas, & Nick Marcoux(Superfly Mentor)

2014 Give Me 5 RI Teen Film Festival, Columbus Theater, Providence, RI - "Childhood Poverty" by

Jomelvid Jimenez & Juan Ramirez , "Jason: Case 39" by Bryan Rivas & Jason De Los Santos

2013 Vassar FilmFest, Washington, D.C. - "On Paper" by Preston Powell

2013 Seattle International Film Festival, Harvard Exit Theatre, Seattle, WA - "7th Annual Superfly

Filmmaking Experience" Longhouse Media, Nila Lares, Juan Ramirez, Preston Powell &

Abismael Vargas

2013 Give Me 5 RI Teen Film Festival, Columbus Theater, Providence, RI - "All in One" by Preston

Powell, "Vengeance" by Abismael Vargas, & "Return If Possible" by Nila Lares

2012 Give Me 5 RI Teen Film Festival, Providence, RI - "Catch Me If You Can" by Jaymi Cepeda

2012 Swagg Snacks Film Festival, Providence, RI - "Vengeance" by Abismael Vargas & Juan Ramirez , "Vegetables" by Bryan Rivas, "Big Wac" by Preston Powell, & Jelly Belly" by Teri Thompson & Hailey Jimenez