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Drop-In Hours ~Tuesday-Friday, 7:30am-4pm

All other times by appointment only

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Welcome & What We Do

Welcome! We are here to provide a safe space for students. The Wellness Center (Rm 113) coordinates and provides mental health, sexual health, and substance abuse services and programs for AWHS students on campus. We offer both direct services as well as prevention and education for students including health and wellness classroom presentations and school wide health education events.


You can also come by the Wellness Center in Room 113

For immediate after hours and 24/7 support click Here.

Current and Upcoming Wellness Events & Resources


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Wellness Events Calendar

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Wellness Events in action


Katrina Southard, LCSW & PPSC

Wellness Coordinator 

(415) 458-3407


Beatrix Berry

Wellness Outreach Specialist 

(415) 458-3415

Pilar Prime

BACR Therapist

(Mon & Wed) 

Katharine Spencer

BACR Therapist (Tu-Thurs)

McKenna Becker

Wellness Intern  (Wed) 

Rachel Coen

Wellness Intern (Tues & Thurs)

Sara Schedler 

Wellness Intern  (T-F)

Nivie Oron

Wellness Intern (Tues, Thurs, Fri) 

Matt Baron

Wellness Intern  (Tues & Fri) 

Sayra Soriano 

Group Facilitator: Not-on Tobacco

Bay Area Community Resource (BACR) 

Lili Weckler

MFT Intern & Q Group Facilitator

The Spahr Center


Therapy Dog 


Therapy Dog 

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Youth Voice in Wellness

Archie Williams High School Peer Resource

A Class Dedicated to Social-Emotional Growth, Outreach and Education

AWHS Wellness works very closely with Peer Resource. Peer Resource is a class of students that are trained in peer education and active listening with the goal of forming authentic connections and supporting peers.

Peer Resource students learn together and educate peers on topics related to mental and sexual health and substance use. 

Click here to refer yourself or a friend to Peer Mentoring.