JumpStart 2018

Design and Visual Communication with Miss Ferguson

Think back to victorian England (late 19th century), with coal and steam-engines.

Now imagine electricity never being discovered and instead steam-powered machines were constructed with unrealistic proportions.

Imagine flying ships, steam-powered robot insects, humongous submarines and mechanical devices.

What is Steampunk?

Mood Boards

Task 1

Work in teams of 2 or 3 and create a MOOD BOARD to illustrate SteamPunk.

Make sure you include a wide variety of things like clothing, goggles, hats, household objects, vehicles, posters, art work, patterns, furniture, everyday objects, art work .

  • Make a folder on your Google Drive (one for the team) - share this folder with everyone in the team and your teacher.
  • Everyone in the team collect images for the mood board and put them in the folder.
  • Create the mood board by printing off the pictures you have collected and sticking them onto the large boards each team have been given.

What are Gears?

A gear or cogwheel is a rotating machine part having cut like teeth, or cogs, which mesh with another toothed part to transmit power and movement.

Geared devices can change the speed, power, and direction of a power source.


Turning Around !!!

Task 2

Learning about gears.

  • Make a copy of this Google Drawing about gears.
  • Use the gear set in class to answer the questions on the Google Drawing.
  • Share the drawing with your teacher.
Gear Movements

What is a Pull Along Toy?


Task 3

Find some of your own pictures of pull along toys. Put them into a presentation. Make a couple of notes about what it is made from, what kind of movement does it have, what design it is.

Use the template opposite to help you with this task. It has an example completed on the first page for you to look at.

Pull Along Toy Template

Warm Ups?

MashUp - Warm Ups!!

Task 4

  • Choose one object card.
  • Choose one inspiration card
  • Draw 5 different ideas for what the object will look like if it was like the inspiration picture.


Use this template to produce your specification. You will fill in the final column to help you to write your evaluation at the end of the project. An example has been included so you can see what type of information to include.

Who is your user?

Task 5

Thinking about who is going to use your product helps you to understand what specifications you need to list for your designs.

What is a specification?

After you have asked all the important questions about the design requirements from your client / user, you can now write a design specification. The specification is a list of factors that the design must satisfy. This information can be used when drawing ideas, to ensure that all the clients needs are considered.

Design Ideas

Concept Sketches

Task 6

Design sketches - lots of them!!! - you can use pictures from the internet to copy to start you off with animal shapes and gears - draw flat / in 2D.

  • Choose an animal from the list
  • Draw a combination of the animal and gears and cogs.
  • Use the guide boxes so you don't go too big on your designs.

(you don't need to use these pictures, you can find your own )

Jump Start Concept Ideas

Moving Along

Task 7

Now you have to work out which part of your designs are going to move when you pull them along.

Draw 2 of your designs (change / improve them from your first ideas) in 2D and put arrows on them to show which parts are going to move and in which direction.


Project Breakdown

Task 8

First of all, you are going to think about all the jobs that need doing in the project to make your pull along toy and show this thinking as a Google Drawing.

Here is an example with a couple of items already included to get you started.

Time Planning

Task 9

To make sure that you get all of the jobs done in the time that you have for this project, you need to do some time planning.

Here is a link to the Google Drawing here.

You need to make a copy of it and complete filling it in with the jobs that need completing.

More examples of GANTT CHARTS are here.

Full Scale Drawing

Task 10

Draw all the parts you need for your designs out flat in 2D.

Make a parts list for each design so you can see what is needed to make it.

Models and Measurements

Task 11

You will be making models out of card to test your designs. You need to get the measurements correct so everything fits together and moves like it should.


Keeping Safe

Task 12

Use this template to highlight all the health and safety issues you have to think about when making your final design.


Task 13

Use this template to log the process you go through to make your final design.

Use photographs and explanations to log each step.

How are you doing?

JumpStart Checklist



Presenting Work?

You will present your project in the form of a Google Slide Presentation.

Here is an example of a presentation with everything on in the order you need to present it in. You will need to use photographs of your drawn work in your sketch book. Videos can be embedded and anything on other documents can be copied and pasted.

Ferguson - Jump Start Project