How are you, really?

Virtual Counseling in Illinois & Kansas - Accepting New Clients!

Let’s be honest, how are you feeling today? Do you feel calm, centered, and in control or are you feeling weighed down or distracted with intrusive thoughts, past hurts, or too many responsibilities to keep up with? For those dealing with stress, anxiety, trauma, or depression emotions can often feel overwhelming and negative thoughts inescapable. Therapy offers space and time to unpack those thoughts, figure out the emotions, and work towards building a sense of calm centeredness, ready to take on life’s challenges.

The first priority of my practice is for each client to feel seen and heard in your unique identity and perspective. You are the expert on you and your experience. I’d like to partner with you and your expertise to support and improve your wellness. Working together from a foundation built on neuroscience and the mind-body connection, we’ll build understanding of why our bodies and minds interact the way they do. From this foundation, we’ll identify tools and techniques to build safety, reduce reactivity, and improve your sense of self-control and self-identity.

Benjamin Howard, MA, MAEd, LPC, CTP

Pronouns: He/him/his
Licensed Professional Counselor | Cert. Trauma ProfessionalIL LPC #178.016470 | KS LPC #03970Clinical Supervisor: Bazz Bazzetta, LCSW