THS Health and Fitness Department

Welcome to the THS Health and Fitness!

All members of the Health and Fitness Department at Tahoma High School are committed to the following statements and use this information to drive decisions they make in developing a well respected program that meets the needs of their students.


A community where all members value and practice a healthy, active lifestyle and foster these behaviors in their children.


Inspire students and community to be physically active and make healthy choices by providing a quality physical education program that values personal wellness for a lifetime.

Value Statements:

The Tahoma High School Health and Fitness Department values a comprehensive physical education, and believes it is an integral part of the school wellness plan.

It is achieved through:

  • Implementation of a balanced curriculum, instruction, and assessments that are standards-based.
  • A program taught by certified physical education specialists.
  • A variety of daily opportunities for students to engage in physical activity and sport before, during, and after school.
  • The development of partnerships within the community to support student learning.
  • Providing activities students enjoy and can continue to participate in after High School.
  • Enhancing student's knowledge and skills in healthy decision making practice.
  • Offering authentic opportunities for independent learning which leads to personal growth and awareness.