As our local community continues to grow, so does the Tahoma School District. With up to 1,700 housing units allowed to be constructed in Maple Valley by 2044, and a significant increase in TSD enrollment by 2031, we must have crucial conversations now about how we can best serve our current student population, and how we can continue to provide a top-tier education as our district expands. And your voice is vital to this process.

What makes Tahoma... Tahoma? That’s a question we’ll continue to come back to. We are focusing on the unique programs, tools and opportunities offered to Tahoma students, and the accessibility of these offerings for every child in our district. You’ll have the chance to provide input on our career pathways, extracurricular and co-curricular opportunities, and the many other ways that make Tahoma a one-of-a-kind school district.

As our community and district grow, we are focused on finding solutions to ensure we have the space to accommodate, or “house,” the students we serve. In addition to considering physical space, we must also consider the programs and high-quality education that we want for students in our facilities, as well as the safety and security of our buildings. This will include evaluating our existing spaces, and also considering how new spaces would continue preparing Future Ready students for today and tomorrow’s world.

As we approach 100 years since the name Tahoma was selected for our historic high school in 1926 known today as Tahoma Elementary School we now face a powerful opportunity: to honor our legacy, and to think deeply about how we want to begin the second century at Tahoma. Tahoma 100 is a chance to partner with YOU to envision how Tahoma can continue providing a competitive educational experience for our kids today and tomorrow. 

Through community events, advisory groups and other engagement opportunities, we’ll seek diverse and unique perspectives so we can nurture a district that aligns with our community’s values and best supports all students' strengths, needs and interests. Check out the "Get Involved" section of this website for invitations to share your voice so we can decide how we will support our children and develop Future Ready Tahoma graduates – Today. Tomorrow. Together.

The name "TaHoMa" was selected for its connection to the local communities of Taylor, Hobart and Maple Valley, combining the first two letters of each town.

The Native Lushootseed word "təqʷubəʔ" (pronounced "teh-KWOH-beh,") means "mother of waters," and is believed to be where "Tahoma," one of Mt. Rainier's original names, derives from.

The Tahoma School District would like to acknowledge the Muckleshoot People, the descendants of the Duwamish, who are the Traditional Stewards of this land and the Federally Recognized Treaty Tribe of King County.

The District is also committed to remembering the historic origin of the name Tahoma and to continue acknowledging its rich history with the native tribes of this region.