Exemplary Performance Award in Future Ready Skills

The Tahoma School Board's Exemplary Performance Award in Future Ready Skills is available to nominated juniors and seniors who demonstrate exceptional evidence of achievement or accomplishment in a particular skill. Students who receive an award must have documented their authentic application of and their exceptional ability in the skill while in high school. This award seeks to recognize students who have grown and developed their ability in this skill over time, showcasing the student’s current achievement, as well as the importance of this skill in the student’s life.

Students must submit a compelling claim for exceptional proficiency in a particular skill. Their claim must be supported with ample, varied, and compelling evidence and reasoning. In addition, applicants must have three* people familiar with their exemplary performance complete a simple endorsement form.

Students who receive this award will be honored during the Senior Awards night at Tahoma High School, will be recognized at graduation through special honor cords, and will receive a digital badge which they may post on social media sites such as Facebook or LinkedIn, allowing them to share their achievement with family, friends, employers, and others, and build a positive digital reputation.

Nominations Deadline: January 29, 2021 (Extended to February 5) Nomination Information and Form

Student Application Deadline: March 5, 2021 Student Application Information

Awards are available for the following skills:

Collaborative Teammate: Students work effectively with a team for a shared purpose. Students understand that high functioning teams produce better results than can be achieved independently.

Community Contributor: Students care about others and the environment. Students identify needs and take action to serve the common good.

Conscientious Worker: Students identify and apply types of thinking needed in specific situations. Students use strategies that support effective problem solving or creative thinking.

Creative Innovator: Students approach challenges, problems, and/or creative endeavors with creativity and an innovation mindset.

Effective Communicator: Students communicate clearly, keeping in mind purpose and audience. Students interpret and respond appropriately to others.

Quality Producer: Students take pride in producing high quality work. Students evaluate and improve their work independently.

Responsible Decision-Maker: Students make informed and thoughtful decisions in a variety of situations. Students analyze how their decisions affect themselves and others.

Self-Directed Learner: Students demonstrate curiosity, initiative, passion for, and perseverance in their learning.

Strategic Problem-Solver: Students have and use strategies to identify, accurately describe, and solve problems and challenges.

*If a student in nominated, the nomination counts as one of their endorsements, so the student only needs to seek two additional endorsements.