Tahoma School District: Budget 101

Transparency and clarity for how your investment prepares Future Ready students for lifelong success

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Tahoma CARES about your Partnership

Tahoma School District (TSD/Tahoma) consistently ranks among the top schools in Washington state in student achievement. The district has a team of experienced, devoted staff who instruct students through an impressive array of courses and experiences that prepare them for a successful, individual, viable future with lifelong career and personal success. These opportunities are only possible because of the support and investment our local community commits to Tahoma students.

TSD has a $189.5M operating budget in the 2021-22 fiscal year. Most of the district's funding comes from federal and state sources, with the obligation to provide a basic education to all students. But it's your local investment that takes Tahoma from a district that provides a basic curriculum to one of the state's top-tier systems that offers our students a clear advantage after they graduate from Tahoma High School.

You might wonder how exactly your dollars benefit students, and how the district and our school board allocate funds. How can you see where your tax dollars are really going? Is the district making responsible, intentional spending choices that keep students at the center of our budget? This page answers many of those questions, and provides transparency for how your investment in Tahoma students goes where it should: to providing the safe and fulfilling educational environment that all kids deserve.

Additionally, you can find information on this page about COVID-19 spending and how relief funds are distributed/spent.

This page will be updated periodically to reflect the latest information (last updated July 11, 2022). If you have additional budget questions, please send us an email at TSDMessages@TahomaSD.US