Sylvania Elementary School Counselors

Sylvania Schools Elementary School Counselors

Central Trail - Mrs. Gaertner ( and Mrs. Kunkle (
Hill View - Ms. Thornton (
Highland - Mrs. Emerson ( and Mrs. Jordan (
Maplewood - Mrs. Grabarczyk (
Stranahan - Mrs. Jordan ( and Mrs. Stack (
Sylvan - Mrs. Hoffman (
Whiteford - Mrs. Harman (


Setting Up

During this week, your elementary school counselors will be available for families to talk about resources available. If you need assistance, please contact your kid's school counselor.

Families may want to take this week to create a new routine that will help everyone manage the change.


Spring Break!

It is okay to take a break and not worry about school for this week.

Some families may want to keep a consistent routine. If you made a schedule already, keep using that to guide the daily activities of your kids, but adjust the activities to be kid-interest specific. Save the schoolwork for next week!


Back at it!

Your kids will have another round of schoolwork to complete this week, so be sure to check in with your kids' teachers.

Your elementary school counselors would like to share a simple list of activities that may be helpful to keep your kids engaged, while also looking out for their social-emotional well-being.

Self-Care BINGO by Counselor Keri


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