AIR Preparation Resources

Welcome to Sylvania Schools' resource sites for AIR test preparation. In these pages, you will find practice tests, practice items, and suggestions for instructional strategies for every tested area. The resources are largely based on the digital assessment platform Edcite and have been prepared for you by Sylvania teachers from all tested departments. If you need help using Edcite in your classroom, you will also find support materials for that tool. If you have questions regarding this site and its contents, please email Alex Clarkson.

Welcome to Edcite

Click on the logo to access Edcite. Refer to the instruction document for simple instructions on basic tasks. You can scroll through the instructions in the embedded window or open to document to a full tab.

Edcite Primer

Create Classes and Assign Work in Edcite

To the left, you can watch a video tutorial to help you understand how to create classes in Edcite and assign the work shared through these pages.

Edcite AIR Collection

In this site, you will find Edcite assignments specifically curated for you by Sylvania Schools teachers. You can also look at this general collection prepared by the Edcite staff for Ohio teachers. Click on the image to open the collection. Make sure to log into Edcite for the link to work.

Ohio's Released Items

Ohio has made many practice items available. The goal of this collection is to make all of those items available in Edcite format for you to assign, auto-grade, and examine. But, to see the page on the ODE site, which includes online practice (without data access), scoring guides, and more, click the image to the left.