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What's happening the week of September 18-23rd 2023





Friday- Instruments can go home to practice!!!


Upcoming Performances:

Amazing 2023 Spring Performances!!!

Congratulations to all of our Bands and Orchestras on their outstanding performances this spring!  2 Spring Concerts,  2 District Concerts, 3 award winning performances at Great America with ratings of Excellent and Superior! And 2 amazing concert performances in Southern California at Disney's California Adventure!  Congratulations to all Savage music students on all of our amazing 2022-23 performances!

Congratulations to our Drumline on their outstanding 2023 Competition Season!  Our drumline scored two 1st place finishes and two 2nd place finishes.   Through all of your hard work you have continued the Savage Tradition of Excellence!

Daniel J. Savage Bobcat Band and Orchestra

2023 Back to School Night

Welcome to the Savage Instrumental Music Program.  We are up and running. Instruments and music have been passed out, and we have begun rehearsals in the largest Middle School rehearsal room in the county!

I am looking forward to another great year continuing the Savage Music Program’s Tradition of Excellence.

Class/Rehearsal Expectations:

-Students need to be at school/rehearsal (students can’t learn if they aren’t here)

-Students must have their instrument in class.

-Students must have their music book/3-ring music binder in class.

Performance Expectations:

-Students are expected to attend all performances for their ensemble(s)

-Students will have their instrument and music ready to perform.

-Students will wear proper uniforms to all performances.

-All students help “tear-down/pack up” after all performances.

7/8 Grade Uniforms- Students will need black dress pants/skirts (no denim).  Ladies who wish to wear skirts must also wear black leggings/tights underneath.  Skirts must be below the knee or longer.  Students will need black dress shoes with black socks.  Ladies may wear open toed shoes with black tights/stockings underneath.  For ladies I would suggest a flat shoe over high-heels.  All students will wear white tuxedo shirts.  The performance polo shirts cost will be approximately $20. 

6th Grade Concert Dress- Students will wear white collared shirts and black or dark blue pants, ladies may wear white and/or black dresses.  

The Savage Band and Orchestra Performance Calendar is posted on the Savage Music Website.  https://www.sylvan.k12.ca.us/schools/savage  Go to activities and click on “Band”.  This calendar outlines all major concerts, festivals and competitions for the 2023-2024 school year.  Students will receive information sheets before each performance that will contain exact report times, performance times, directions, and dress attire.

Please visit the Savage Band and Orchestra Website at: https://sites.google.com/sylvan.k12.ca.us/savage-instrumental-music

for the most current band and orchestra information.  All handouts that are sent home with students will also be posted on the website.

Thank you for supporting your students’ musical talents, 

Chuck Holtan, Director of Music, Savage Middle School

Where to Rent/Purchase your own instrument in Modesto!

Here at Savage Middle School our 6th, 7th and 8th grade students have reached a level of musicianship where having their own personal instrument becomes extremely beneficial.  These instruments, even “used” instruments, are generally in better condition than older instruments owned by the school.  A well cared for instrument will last decades often serving generations of family members.

Gottschalk's Music Center Ingram and Brauns Musik Shoppe

209-523-5326 209-571-0133

Gottschalkmusic.net ibmusik.com

Gary Vessel String Instruments Thomas Violins

(Thomas & Vessel Stringed Instruments) 209-596-4120

209-578 5345 thomasviolinsmodesto.com

Guitar Center (Drum sticks/practice pads)

209-525-9800 (Concert Band Sticks, not marching band)


Daniel J. Savage Middle School

Band and Orchestra

2023-2024 Performance Calendar


Date                            Performance                                      Ensemble(s) Involved

October 12th     Ready or Not Fall Concert 7,8 Ensembles


December 13th            Winter Concert                                6,7,8 Orchestras/Choir

December 14th            Winter Concert                               6,7,8 Bands/Jazz Band


Feb-March                  Drumline Competition Season 7/8       (See Drumline Schedule)

*February 24th SEF Breakfast *Tentative Date         7,8 Bands


March 13th                     Spring Orchestra Concert                 6,7,8 Orchestras/Jazz/Drumline

March 14th                     Spring Band Concert                         6,7,8 Bands/Jazz/Drumline


April TBA 1st and 7th Period Dist Rehearsals 5:00 p.m./6:30 p.m.

April TBA District Concerts #1 Orch 5:30 p.m.  Band 7:00 p.m.


April 27th    Great America Jazz/Choir Festival 7,8 Jazz Band/Choir

May TBA District Concerts #2 Orch 5:30 p.m. Band 7:00 p.m.

*May 5th,6th,7th         Disneyland Trip (*Tentative Dates)    7,8 Band/Orchestra

May 9th   Open House/Concert in the Park       7,8 Bands/Orchestras

May 15th                     Summer Hits Orchestra Concert             6,7,8 Orchestras/Jazz/Drumline

May 16th                     Summer Hits Band Concert                    6,7,8 Bands/Jazz/Drumline


May 23rd                 Graduation Performance                  6th/7th grade band members

            *Band/Orchestra is the ultimate team sport.  Everyone is a starting player…nobody sits on the bench.  Every Band/Orchestra member plays a vital role at every performance, concert, and competition.

            Chuck Holtan, Director of Bands and Orchestra, Dan Savage Middle School