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This site contains resources from the Leading Liturgy modules,

as well as the opportunity to ask questions regarding liturgical practices in schools.

How it Works

The course which is NESA approved begins each year in Term 3, with one module run each consecutive term thereafter.

Phase 1 will provide 24 hours of PD for Standard Descriptor 6.2.2: Participate in learning to update knowledge and practice, targeted to professional needs and school and/or system priorities as long as all 4 modules are completed.

Phase 2 will provide 12 hours of PD for Standard Descriptor 6.2.2 as long as both modules 1 and 2 are completed.

When completed separately, each course module can provide 6 hours of Teacher Identified PD.

Participants who will be enrolling for all modules in each phase need to do so via PHRIS using the appropriate course code.

Those for whom it is not mandatory and wish to enrol for individual modules in Phase 1, please click here.

To enrol for individual modules in Phase 2 (2019), please click here.

For all details relating to dates, PHRIS enrolment and funding please click here.

Who is Involved?

  • 2018 newly appointed RECs -compulsory to continue through to the end of Phase 2.
  • 2019 newly appointed RECs – compulsory beginning with Modules 1 and 2 held in Terms 3 and 4, 2019 respectively.
  • Existing RECs- whole course or individual modules in each phase can be enrolled in and are all optional
  • All interested staff members: teachers, family educators, principals and assistant principals are welcome


The completion and subsequent analysis of the 2017 Liturgical Formation and Professional Development Survey for Religious Education Coordinators in Sydney Catholic Schools, provided valuable data about liturgical practices, understandings and needs of many of our Catholic Schools within the Archdiocese.

In response, a two phase course for professional development and formation in the area of liturgy was developed in consultation with the ACU Centre for Liturgy in early 2018. The course, which also received NESA Accreditation aimed to present high quality PD, formation and opportunities for practical implementation of learning, enrolled its first cohort in mid 2018.

With leading academics from various Catholic universities as key presenters, the course continues in 2019 with its second cohort starting in Term 3.

Leading Liturgy supports SCS Strategic Priority 1 Catholic Identity and Mission which states that “Catholic schools derive their identity from the Person of Jesus Christ” and expresses the hope that through Catholic schools, “all members will have a personal encounter” with him. (New Horizons Sydney Catholic Schools p. 8). The course also specifically addresses Key Improvement 1.2 “Enhance and diversify the faith formation and religious leadership opportunities for staff” (p.8).

The course constantly keeps in mind the words of (Sacrosanctum Concilium 10) that “The most intense experience of encounter with Christ occurs in the sacrifice of the Mass. This sacred action of Christ and the whole Church, above all other actions is the “summit” toward which all Catholic activity is directed.” As such, it is hoped that participants will be able to develop and increase their understanding of liturgy so that they may prepare liturgy of the highest standard in their school.