Course Selection Guide

This Course Selection Guide has been prepared to assist you in your future academic planning. We believe that educational planning is an important activity for all young adults and their families. Our ultimate goal is for each student to have a course plan that will provide a meaningful and successful educational experience. In order to achieve this goal, we believe it is necessary for our staff to provide information, counseling, and recommendations to enable the student and his/her parents to make informed decisions. The ultimate responsibility for the selection of courses to be included in the student schedule rests with the student and his/her family

This resource is designated to facilitate the process of requesting courses and planning your high school years. Here we describe the courses offered by each department, along with information about graduation requirements and other important aspects of our high school. Students are urged to become familiar with this site and to discuss the tentative course selections with family. 

Graduation requirements can be found on the Scheduling Procedures page. 

Additional Resources

Other Scheduling Forms

Recommendation Override Form - for rising 10-12th graders - due by April 30 for the next school year. 

Recommendation Override Form - for rising 9th graders - due by April 30 for the next school year. 

Course Drop Form - deadlines listed on the form.

Course Level Change Form - used during the school year.