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What is the Southwest school ?

The Southwest Education Endowment Fund (SWEF) is a permanent endowment established in August of 2017 by the Southwest R-V Education Endowment Committee. The purpose for establishing this fund was to have the ability to fund educational needs that exceed the Southwest R-V School District’s operating budget. Academic grants will be awarded yearly to the district’s educational programs from the interest earnings of the fund.

Enhancing the educational opportunities for the students of the district is the priority of the Southwest R-V Education Endowment Committee. Each grant awarded must promote student learning and development. Recipient programs include projects such as supplemental books for classrooms, lab equipment, maps, technology, manipulatives, off-campus learning experiences, and teaching materials.

To donate to this cause, click on the link below (Make a Donation) or mail the donation to:

Southwest R-V School District Attention: Tosha Tilford 529 E. Pineville Road Washburn, MO 65772

(Please make checks payable to the Southwest R-V Education Endowment Fund (SWEF).

Community Foundation of the Ozarks Grant Summary

In January of 2018, the Endowment committee received a $5000.00 grant which was contingent upon raising $10,000.00 in the month of February.

We Met Our Goal!

As of Tuesday, February 27, 2018, we have raised $10,024.21!

Thank you to all who helped us to succeed!

2018 "The Battle of the Classes"

As of Thursday, February 15th, we raised $1304.51.51! Thank you to all who have donated! Here were our class standings:

1986 $435.00

1984 $250.00

1996 $203.00

2003 $145.00

2004 $125.75

1983 $66.00

1980 $25.75

2014 $13.00

1972 $10.00

2010 $10.00

2017 $10.00

1985 $6.00

1958 $5.00

2020 $0.01