For over 20 years, sWorks has provided quality onsite service at every level of technical need. sWorks has spent more than two decades specializing in technology solutions for a wide variety of clients. In addition to multiple small foundation and community organizations, sWorks has specialized in leveraging solutions in the not-for-profit sector, with a deep understanding of the complexity of need in the sector, often offset by a lack of funding.

Previous project expertise and execution include:

  • technical scoping, project management, and implementation of technical goals, for clients as small as three desktops, to multinational corporate clients with multiple data centers and cloud environments
  • multi site cloud lifts and data-center migration, virtualization
  • app/software scoping, development, implementation and support as well as training and professional development
  • QA, implementation, and market analysis of a proposed project.

Rates are competitive, and responsive and custom-tailored service comes guaranteed.