SWISD Libraries

Vision, Mission & Goals


*That all district libraries provide library services beyond the instructional day.

*That all district libraries provide schedules that allows flexible access based on patron input and needs assessment.


The mission of Southwest ISD Libraries is to empower students to become life-long learners and productive citizens in a dynamic, global society by providing quality learning experiences that develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities for continued success.


To provide:

*Diverse resources and equipment appropriate for use by individuals as well as classes in the grade level served.

*Organization and maintenance of materials and equipment which facilitates optimum use.

*Working areas and an environment which are well maintained, well organized and conductive to both learning and enjoyment while using the library resources.

*Management of the facility and activities that allows flexible access based on patron input and needs assessments.

*Instruction which promotes a lifelong interest in reading for pleasure and information.

*Support for district curriculum and instructional initiatives.

*Utilize Texas State School Library Standards as a tool for continual improvement of the library program.