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School Counseling Program

  • Guidance Curriculum

The purpose of guidance curriculum is to teach students how to develop transferable skills. The guidance curriculum is taught in units in the classroom through differentiated, developmental learning activities with planned lessons for various groups of students.

  • Responsive Services

The purpose of responsive services is to intervene on behalf of students whose immediate personal concerns or circumstances put their continued educational, career, personal, and social development at risk.

  • Individual Planning

The purpose of individual planning is to guide all students as they plan, monitor, and manage their individual educational, career, personal, and social development

  • System Support

The purpose of system support is to identify and coordinate resources and activities on campus and in the community that indirectly benefit students

Indian Creek Elementary

School Counselor


Ph# (210) 623-6520, ext 3226


About me

Hi my name is Mrs. McEwen. This is my tenth year in education and my first year as a school counselor. I have two children. My daughter is in high school and my son is in middle school. We have three dogs, Charlie, Bella, and Daisy. I love being a counselor because I get to advocate for students well being and help them make good choices.


Helping students and parents help themselves by making resources easily accessible.

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Virtual Award Ceremony Information/ Información de la ceremonia de premiación virtual

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Choice Cards- 5th Grade

Students in 5th grade, please complete your elective classes for 6th grade.

  1. Attention McAuliffe Parents and Students:

  • Below is the link for the McAuliffe Choice Card:

McAuliffe Choice Card

  • Below is the link for the McAuliffe Presentation

McAuliffe Presentation

  1. Attention Resnik Parents and Students:

  • Below is the link for the Resnik Choice Card:

Resnik Choice Card

  • Below is the link for the Resnik Presentation

Resnik Presentation

Google Classrooms

Students in 5th grade, join your 6th Grade Google Classroom, if you have not done so already. This class is ONLY for questions you may have regarding middle school, not for personal communication. Thank you.

  1. McAuliffe Google Classroom Code: q3zgate

  1. Resnik Google Classroom Code: let5z42

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