Pandemic Recoverey Resources

As the Covid-19 pandemic began, we watched state and local education agencies, schools, and families spring into action, rapidly providing educators and students what they needed to change the way they do school.

This caring, determination and resourcefulness is exactly what we expect from this professional community!

What resources does SWIFT have to offer to make the load lighter for educators and school better for students now and in the future?

We selected resources from SWIFT Guide, SWIFT Playbook, and SWIFT Resource Shelf, as well as identified links to other organizations we think are particularly relevant in this time of social isolation.

      1. Teaching students who need additional support

      2. Building collective capacity for equity in schools of every shape and size

      3. Back to school: How to prepare your school to be equitable and responsive to curriculum gaps students experience from this “great pause”

Teaching Students who Need Additional Support During Covid-19

Building Collective Capacity for Equity During Covid-19

Back to School