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2018-2019 Weekly Tech Updates

Blended Learning

Welcome to our new BLS website, this site is intended to help teachers integrate technology to blend instruction as means of making lessons more effective and efficient.

"Blended learning has the power to reach more students by accommodating different learning styles and paces, accelerating learning by delivering personalized instruction, increasing the amount of data available on all of our students' progress, and allowing students to access diverse learning materials both in and out of school" (U.S. Department of Education: Use of Technology in Teaching and Learning, n.d.) .(Kieschnick 20)

If you want to learn more about the topics listed, you want to share a techie tool, or would like to blend some of your awesome lessons but need some recommendations. Please contact me.

Julian R. Torres

Blended Learning Specialist

Room 155, ext.: 02373


San Ysidro High School

BLS Availability: Periods 1, 2,3