Eastlake Middle School

Distance Learning Site

"Distance learning means instruction will occur between student and teacher while in different locations. "

Principal's Message

Hello Tritons,

Our school year has been disrupted! This has prevented us from coming back together for the fourth quarter of this year. I know that for you being in school was an essential part of your daily activities and for many of you, you are experiencing loss. Loss of seeing your friends, teachers, admin and continuity. The ELM staff are also experiencing this tremendous loss. However, over the past two weeks, we have been working really hard to make sure that your virtual learning experience will be meaningful. You have a BIG SAY in how meaningful this experience will be. So, I charge you to MAKE A CHOICE to engage and do all that you need to do so that you will FINISH STRONG! This website was created so that you have ONE PLACE to access your resources to successfully complete this year. I hope you take advantage of it. I know that YOU CAN DO THIS! TOGETHER, WE CAN!


Mrs. Finley

Learning Management Systems

Below are the four approved learning management systems (LMS) that have been approved by the district. Each teacher will choose one of these systems. To access each system, click on the picture or the name and both will take you to that LMS.

Approved Video Conferencing Tools

Below are the two video-conferencing tools that have been approved by the district. If teachers decide to include synchronous (LIVE) instruction or check-ins or conversations or chats, they will choose from one of the systems below. Before you can participate in any synchronous interactions, you must complete a Student Training on the SUHSD Distance Learning Student Guidelines. To access the training, click HERE. You must be logged on to your Sweetwater account to access the training.


Below is the SUGGESTED Daily Schedule for you. Many teachers will be following the schedule below; however, know that many of us are also in the same situation as you and your family, so TEACHERS will use their DISCRETION to determine if they will strictly follow the schedule below. If your teachers will decide to include synchronous (LIVE) teaching, they will do so during the first half-hour of every period or block.