Sweet Home

 Music Department

Fall/Winter Concerts

December 5 7:00 Maplemere Chorus, Willow Ridge Chorus at HS

December 6 7:00 7th Grade Band, 7/8 Grade Bass Chorus,7/8 Grade Treble Chorus at MS

December 12 7:00 Gold Band, 8th Grade Band at MS

December 13 7:00 Gold Orchestra, 7th-8th Grade Orchestra at MS

December 18 7:30 Symphony Orchestra, Concert Chorale, Wind Ensemble at Amherst Baptist

December 20 6:30 Heritage Heights Winter Concert at HH

December 20 7:00 Glendale Chorus at HS

January 10 7:00 6th Grade Orchestra, 6th Grade Chorus, 6th Grade Band at MS

Congratulations to our Sweet Home Students 

selected as a 2023 All County Musician


Hannah Bradley - Clarinet

Adam Korte -Tuba

Ariana Minhas - Alto I

Ashley Miller - Alto I

Juliana Bastian - Alto I

Sebastian Conhiser-Uy - Bass I

Matthew Denman - Bass I

Derek Woodford - Bass II

Gracie Fuqua - Soprano II

Erica Chan - Soprano II

Megan Orgek - Soprano II

Ethan Wolf - Tenor I

Eduardo Montalvo - Tenor II


Ian Feldman - Jazz Guitar

Genevieve Miceli - Bass Clarinet

Matthew Arrasjid - Bb Clarinet

Keagan Brookshire - Tuba

Luis Montalvo - Bb Clarinet

Katharine Udy - Bb Clarinet

Gregory Krajvnovic - Tuba

Delaney O'Brocta - Violin

Kaitlyn Biddlecombe - Vocal

Kit Lebediker - Vocal

Sydney Blarr - Vocal

Georgia Zorich - Vocal

Kalel Collymore - Vocal

Jordan Yencer - Vocal

Damien McGilveary - Vocal

Parker Christian - Vocal

Landon Reed - Vocal


Thomas Hall - Alto Sax

Carter Petrie - Baritone/Euph

Lila Steinberg - Trombone

Vanessa Busko - Viola

Joanna Stohl - Soprano

Emma Hillery - Soprano

Caleb Melson - Alto

Anna Sung - Alto

Cole Jackson - Soprano

Thomas Stritzinger - Soprano

Sia Green - Alto

Sophie Pagliano - Alto

Sophie Vaughan  - Soprano

Khloe Michalski  - Soprano

Alessandra Harris  - Soprano

Mia Rogers - Alto

Amelia Annesi - Alto

Molly Russ - Soprano

Valerie Heine - Soprano

Ana Washington - Alto

Piper Hein - Alto

Lauren Mooney  - Soprano

Eliana Amati - Soprano

Isabella Rainey - Soprano

Morgan Brand  - Soprano

Aniya Beaufort  - Alto

Madison Miller - Alto

Lovell Sauter  - Alto

Evelyn McGowan - Alto

Congratulations to our Sweet Home 2022 All State Musicians!

Ashley Miller - All State Mixed Choir

Ethan Wolf - All State Mixed Choir

Congratulations to our 2022 Sweet Home Area All State Musicians!


Adam Korte - Tuba

Sage Asquith - Violin

Matthew Samulski - Bass Alternate

Juliana Bastian - Voice

Hannah Bradley - Voice

Amari Clark - Voice

Ashley Miller - Voice

Eduardo Montalvo - Voice

Jeremiah Morales - Voice

Ethan Wolf - Voice

Gracie Fuqua - Voice

Sebastian Conhiser-Uy - Voice

Ariana Minhas - Voice

Derek Woodford - Voice

Megan Orgek - Voice

Ali Alani - Voice


Matthew Arrasjid - Clarinet

Keagan Brookshire - Tuba

Delaney O'Brocta - Violin

Talbot Perry - Voice

Delanie Fleming - Voice

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For the Second year in a row Sweet Home has received the 2021 national designation of Best Communities for Music Education from the NAMM Foundation

Sweet Home has received the 2020 national designation of Best Communities for Music Education from the NAMM Foundation