Swan River School Newsletter

Welcome to our Swan River School Newsletter! We are a rural K-8 school, that was established in 1893. We have sections that provide news on our School Events, Community, Sports, Fundraising, Activities, and Upcoming events.

This website is designed, maintained, and written by the 6-8th grade students.

Chief Editor: Soraya (7th grade student)

Assistant Editor: Loralai (7th grade student)

All of our newly published news stories are at the top of the pages and the older stories will fall under those for your convenience. Thank you and enjoy reading our newsletter!

Back in 1893 when our school was just getting started, we performed an annual Christmas Program just like we do today, but back then they had held the program at the Swan River Community Hall. A lot of changes have happened though. The Swan River schoolhouse was destroyed by a fire, but then was rebuilt and was added on to in 1929. Today we have an amazing school with the best teachers/staff and students.