SPS Health Services

Mission Statement

Our mission is foster the growth, development and educational achievement of our students by promoting their health and well being. We monitor health status and identify and address unmet needs of students, families and school personnel. We strive to ensure quality services that are effective, culturally appropriate, and responsive to the diverse, changing needs of students and our community.

Nurse Mission 

To advance the practice of school nursing and provide leadership in the delivery of quality health programs in the school community.


Our goal is to bring you updated health information as it pertains to children attending the Swampscott Public Schools. You may download forms for medication, emergency plans, etc.

The immunization law is required to be followed by all school districts throughout the State of Massachusetts. By doing this we provide each child a healthy school environment.

Our medication policy is set by the recommendations of the Department of Public Health. Please take a moment to read the policy to understand what is required if your child needs medication during the school day (this policy covers prescription and over the counter medication).

nursing process