Swampscott High School

Summer Work


Summer work is required for most subject areas and all AP courses. Summer work typically has a quiz or test within the first two days back at school, and therefore should be completed before the first day back, which is August 29. For some summer work assignments, students may need to log into their Google accounts. Please check the summer work out first, most of it can be viewed to incoming freshmen without Google log ins.

All students at SPS in grades 4-12 have Google accounts. Therefore, students coming up from SMS will have their accounts transferred to SHS in July.

If you are a new student from outside of Swampscott public school, you may not have a google account. Please email mackey@swampscott.k12.ma.us with the following information if you cannot access your summer work. Otherwise your account will be created in late August.

Hello, my name is......

I am transferring from (include town & state & school if private)........and my YOG is 20___

I have completed the registration process, can you please create me a Google account?

We cannot create you accounts unless you are a registered student who has signed the Acceptable Use Policy. If we are unable to create you an account, we will do our best to get you the summer work and you can pick it up at SHS.