Swampscott Public Schools 

C.O.R.E. Work

Community of Belonging, Opportunity for ALL, Respect for Diversity, and Equity for Everyone

Vision Statement

Swampscott Public Schools is committed to a COMMUNITY of belonging with an intentional celebration of individual differences that puts OPPORTUNITY, RESPECT and EQUITY at our core. 

C -  Community (of belonging) 

O - Opportunity (for all)

R - Respect (for diversity) 

E -  Equity (for everyone) 

We envision a school community in which all feel welcomed and represented. The Swampscott Public Schools embrace and celebrate diversity and ensure that students, families and staff work together in inclusive settings to promote equitable access to opportunities and equitable student outcomes.  We envision a school community built on respect for ourselves, each other, our schools, and our environment.  Swampscott Public Schools explicitly and intentionally commit to equity, anti-bias, and anti-racist education that is meaningful and visible in decision-making.

C.O.R.E Corner Newsletter


Glossary of Terms

What does DEIB mean?  Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging. 

In Swampscott, we have rebranded this as our CORE work.  Our CORE work focuses on the same set of values and goals as what is often referred to as DEIB:  COMMUNITY, OPPORTUNITY, RESPECT,  EQUITY

There are many words that may be new to many people that appear frequently in the educational research and discussions around  DEIB/CORE. In an effort to bring clarify and common understanding to this important work, we have adopted the glossary of terms  published by the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health.

Get Involved!

We welcome the participation of students, families, and staff in our CORE work. 

If you are a student, talk to your building principal or assistant principal about ways to be involved.

If you are a parent/guardian, complete this Google Form and select "CORE" as your area of interest.  Someone from the CORE Steering Committee will reach out to you to discuss your interests.

If you are a faculty or staff member,  you are already involved  through the work you do every day to create an ever more inclusive and welcoming school environment!  You have already completed, or will  complete in the near future, our CORE Foundational professional development.  If you want to participate in the leadership of this work, contact your buiding principal or a member of the CORE Steering Committee.