Plains to the Park

Students and teachers from Westview Middle School are working with scientists from Rocky Mountain National Park and Rangers from Button Rock Preserve to collect data as part of a research program hosted by The Estes Park Environmental Center and St. Vrain Valley Schools.

Students from Westview create videos to tell this story. It's the best way to learn about what we do.

See pictures from our field trips - We take a bunch of photos.

The main focus of our program is to use motion activated cameras to document what animals live here.

This is a STEM program from Westview Middle School, located in Longmont, Colorado, part of St. Vrain Valley Schools. Our school is located on the very western edge of the Great Plains. You can see Long's Peak rising behind our building. Long's peak is the highest point in Rocky Mountain National Park. Button Rock Preserve is located about half way between our school and Rocky Mountain National Park. This might help you understand the name of our program: Plains to the Park.

Most of the work is done during the summer and on weekends, but we also meet during school as part of a regularly scheduled STEM class.