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Movie Review : The Crimes of Grindelwald

On November 16, Fantastic Beasts the Crimes of Grindelwald was released as the sequel to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them in a prequel series to Harry Potter. This movie rocked many Potter fans’ worlds, with name drops, reveals, and new magical beasts and artifacts. Link Here : https://sites.google.com/s/1NI3PweCWN42MGEYa_7i_j016cKnjRKdM/p/1-kg1XENJD1hVzqwW8jOsQ37XLMh9pGAX/edit

Magician Sean Watson Coming to Our School !

On November 20, illusionist Sean Watson came to our school. He came to our school because of Mr. Foster, who is the man who runs the magazine sale. What is the magazine sale, you may ask? Link Here : https://sites.google.com/s/1NI3PweCWN42MGEYa_7i_j016cKnjRKdM/p/1xg4P5Yzz1m6ih0nGVT9lv0kQmJHO7XmP/edit

Sixth Seventh and Eighth Grade Music Program 2018

On Thursday December 13, the sixth, seventh, and eighth graders performed a Christmas program featuring the songs “Advent Canon”, “Mary Did You Know”, “White Winter Hymnal”, and “Christmas Jig”.