suzanne head in her van


I make work about the psychological relationships that humans form between themselves, each-other, and the nature that surrounds them. Patterns and habits of various animal species narrate an allegorical context for how humans treat one another. Masks and cyclical forms serve as recurring symbols, and allude to our sense of self-identity; our relationship to death; and the infinite connections we inherent to our earth and to one another. The female form is often featured, and questions societal and biological expectations of maternity, femininity, and sexuality. These themes are represented through a whimsical, and at times, childlike, lens: which acknowledges an inquisitive, yet naïve perspective on darker psychological states.

Suzanne Head is a multi disciplinary artist currently based in Brooklyn, NY. She is a draftsman, painter, muralist, sculptor and teacher. In addition, Suzanne has developed a technique in which colored glass powder is sifted onto sheet glass and fired in a kiln. Over multiple firings, Suzanne creates imagery that looks similar to her paintings and drawings, but is entirely made of glass. 

Suzanne loves exploring new places and meeting people from all walks of life. She can often be found adventuring in her little white panel van, "The White Stag". If you would like her to teach a workshop or paint a mural in your town, please reach out to