Sutton Child Exploitation (CE) Awareness Week 2019 ran from 18-24 March 2019. For details on the activities that took place click here.

Child Exploitation comes in many forms. It involves any act whereby another uses a child to gain labour, sexual gratification or some other personal or financial gain. Any child, regardless of age, socio-economic background or location is potentially at risk of child exploitation. Exploiters use coercion, manipulation and/or grooming tactics to target children and force them to engage in exploitative activities.

A number of the signs/indicators for child exploitation are the same, regardless of what type of exploitation is involved, i.e. withdrawal/isolation, going missing, secretive or defensive behaviour. This is often because exploiters will often make threats against the child or the child’s family to coerce them to cooperate with the exploitative behaviour.

Explore this site for information on the following forms of child exploitation by clicking the links below.