Richard Maxwell

Arcadia High School

Creative Musical Arts and Sciences (CMAS)


GRAMMY® nominee, Richard Maxwell was originally hired to conduct Arcadia's bands and orchestras, which he developed into SUSD's first year-round, full symphony program. Maxwell also created, and now facilitates, the Arcadia Creative Musical Arts and Sciences (CMAS – program – considered the model for creativity-based music programs across the US. Maxwell received a Masters in Music from The University of Arizona in Conducting, and was the first ever recipient of a Music Composition degree from Bradley University. He was also recognized in 2014 as the Arizona State University Music Education Mentor of the Year, named the 2016 Scottsdale Foundation Performing Arts Teacher of the Year, the 2017 Charros Teacher of the Year, was a contributing author to the Arizona State Education Standards for Music and Audio Production, and was sited as the primary reference for a 2016 US Congressional legislation initiative by the National Association for Music Education (NAfME). These days, when not working to further his music education “experiment” as he calls it with CMAS, Maxwell continues to consult across North America as an education mentor, work as a producer in his studio, and is busy exploring his Creative Process.

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