Mr. Richard Lee Heineman

Arcadia High School

Visual Arts


Art is Richard Lee Heineman’s life. Richard Lee is “learning challenged”, forcing “they” to differentiate, which fortunately is a beautiful fit for Art Education and divergent learning. Richard Lee is not at Arcadia to give answers. Instead, “Primitive Discovery” is the mantra. For Richard Lee, encouragement of creative choice making is endless. With a Bachelor’s degree in Art at the Corn Husker University, an almost completed Master’s Degree in Administration and Supervision from UNO, and a Master’s Degree in Art Education at ASU, Richard Lee possesses skills, knowledge, and the ability to guide and assess the growth of student creative intelligence's. Richard Lee’s Art and Art Business is nationally recognized giving “they” an authentic art experience for students. Richard Lee facilitates creative growth through all levels of 3-D Design/Sculpture, and Studio Art I classes.

Classroom Phone:480=484-6000

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