Mrs. Sherry

Desert Mountain High School

IB HL 1, AP Calculus AB, Trig Pre-Calc Honors


Mrs. Sherry has been a proud member of the DMHS Math Department since 1998. She earned her undergraduate degree in Mathematics from Dartmouth College and her Masters in Secondary Education from Seton Hall University. Mrs. Sherry has been involved with the IB program since 2001 teaching IB Higher Level Math. She also teaches Trigonometry Pre-Calculus Honors and AP Calculus AB. Mrs. Sherry participates in rewarding research into the teaching and learning of mathematics by maintaining a relationship with ASU through an NSF grant program. Mr. and Mrs. Sherry are the proud parents of three DMHS graduates and are long time members of the DMHS PTO and the local community.


Classroom Phone: 480-484-7000 ext 46907

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