Sustainable Reusable Pallet Covers

Zero Waste Solution for Pallet Wrapping

Mission of the project

To eliminate "Single Use Plastic" from Industrial Supply Chains and Warehouses


To create Employment opportunities for the people at the bottom of the pyramid.


Safety of Goods on Pallets is Assured

Mechanical Tightening

Use of unique Belt Tightening Mechanism tested for upto 100 times of Reusability

Damage Free

No Edge Damages to Cartons

Space Saver

Fold it, when not in use to save storage space

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Pallet Stretch Wrapping films are often used to secure goods on Pallets for Intra-logistics and closed loop supply chains

Single Pallet with Stretch Wrap could generate 300 Gms of Plastic Waste

Cost of Wrapping Pallet with Stretch film could be 3X of Pallet Cover

" A Pallet Cover is the most profitable choice of all time, you can make to save your warehouse from plastic waste."