Welcome to the Galis Research Lab

Quantum and materials sciences form the scientific foundation for perceiving and controlling the properties of matter with the goal of developing new and superior technologies. The most urgent challenges involve developing approaches to foster advancement of novel materials and the ability to understand and control matter at the nanoscale. Approaching these challenges from the unique viewpoint of nanoscale science and engineering can open new pathways to fundamentally revolutionizing the future of quantum and materials sciences. To this end, our research group focuses on the design, fabrication and characterization of nanostructured and 2D materials and devices for quantum, optoelectronic and sensing applications.

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Recent News

[August 2020] SUNY Poly News

Dr. Spyros Gallis, SUNY Poly Assistant Professor of Nanoengineering, was selected to compete amongst 36 global research teams in areas of quantum research.


[May 2020] SUNY Poly News

SUNY Poly's Dr. Spyros Galis' "Engineered telecom emission and controlled positioning of Er3+ enabled by SiC nanophotonic structures" research published in Nanophotonics


[Mar. 2020] SUNY Poly News

Dr. Spyros Galis' research published in Nanomaterials

Dr. Spyros Galis' research has also been featured on the cover of the book Silicon-Based Nanomaterials: Technology and Applications


[Jan. 2020] SGNano Quantum

News Release: SUNY Poly Professor Partners with Leading Institutions on NSF Award for Quantum Information Science Research


[Nov. 2019] SGNano Quantum

Dr. Galis participated and presented in Quantum Workshop: Distributed Quantum Systems Enhanced by Materials Design


[Oct. 2019] Congratulations to our Ph.D. student Mounika Kotha for her paper on pseudo-1D materials published in Nanomaterials: Study of Oxidation and Polarization-Dependent Optical Properties of Environmentally Stable Layered GaTe Using a Novel Passivation Approach


[Oct. 2019] SGNano Quantum: Dr. Galis receives NSF grant

Dr. Galis has partnered, as a co-principal investigator, with Stony Brook University in an NSF Grant aimed at establishing US leadership in Quantum Information Science



[Sept. 2019] SGNano advanced materials research featured in CEG's "The Research Connection": Exploring the Properties of Photonic Nanostructures

[Sept. 2019] New member for the SGNano group

Alex Kaloyeros has joined the group as a graduate research assistant!

[Aug. 2019] SGNano Quantum: Quantum Information Science 1st International Workshop at Air Force Research Laboratory

Invited presentation by Dr. Gallis on Scalable Nanophotonic Structures for Long-Distance Quantum Communication.

[Aug. 2019] Natasha Tabassum graduates with a Ph.D. in Nanoscale Science and Engineering

We congratulate her on her great work and wish her luck at her job at Intel Research!

[Aug. 2019] Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP) Intern

Daniel Cross from Florida Polytechnic University is interned in our group for the Summer 2019 as part of the SURP program.

[Aug. 2019] SGNano SiC nanowire joint research with research group from GlobalFoundries published by Nanomaterials


[Aug. 2019] SGNano Quantum: Dr. Galis receives NSF grant

News Release: SUNY Poly Professors Awarded $330,000 for Two Distinct Cutting-Edge Nanotechnology-Centered Research Projects



[Aug. 2019] Benjamin Harrington – Undergraduate Student Poster Presentation Award

SGNano undergraduate student receives undergraduate student poster presentation award "Modeling of Erbium Emission in Novel Silicon Carbide Photonic Crystal Nanostructures".


[Aug. 2019] Mounika Kotha - Graduate Student Poster Presentation Award

SGNano graduate student receives best graduate poster award for research on layered quasi-2D Gallium Telluride at the AVS Hudson Mohawk Chapter Spring Meeting held at GE Global research centre, Niskayuna.


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