New Viewable Light That Kills Hospital Bugs. WatchSoap uses a specific spectrum of germicidal Light which is lethal to pathogens but is safe for human. This High-Intensity Narrow Spectrum (HINS) light is absorbed by molecules within bacteria, producing a chemical reaction that kills the bacteria from the inside as if common household bleach had been released within the bacterial cells.

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HINS Germicidal Light

New Viewable Light That Kills Hospital Bugs

Unlike Ultra-Violet (UV) light used in UV sanitizers that is harmful to your eyes and skin, and deteriorating leather/ fabric watch straps when over exposed to the UV light

WatchSoap employs total 13 bulbs that emit safe, HINS sterilizing rays onto the [watch screen] and inside the [watch strap] to achieve truly inside-out sanitization while it being charged

WatchSoap is the World's First disinfecting watch stand, thoroughly tested to meet the Photobiological Safety standard IEC62471. It meets every standard for unrestricted exposure and is safe to human body

Human-Friendly Disinfection

  • Safe to Eyes and Skin

  • Non-UV light: No color-fading, No aging, No damaging on your wrist bands

  • No Liquid, No Chemicals: Without causing damage on the coating of the screen/electronics

  • Photobiological Safety IEC62471 - Test Proven Product

Sanitize your watch with aggressive antibacterial wipes or Ultra-Violet (UV) light will deteriorate watch straps when used over time.

WatchSoap uses Non-UV germicidal light to sanitize your watch without causing discoloration or any damages.

Ideal for sanitizing any types of delicate watch strap, such as Leather, Nylon bands, Fabric, Sport Loops.

Inside-Out Sanitization

Eliminates disease-causing germs from the [Watch-Screen] and those bad-smell causing bacteria inside the [Watch-Strap]

99.9% Removal efficiency

Sterilizes your watch with 99.9% removal rate on bacteria incl. E.coli and S.aureus, Salmonella..etc. Performance verified by Centre Testing International 2020

Professional Care

Specially designed to take care of delicate watch straps, such as Leather, Nylon bands, Fabric, Sport Loops; making [CHARGE]+[CLEAN]+[DISPLAY] your Apple Watch in one easy step



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