SCAU National Grand Champions!!!

We weren't able to attend Nationals in person, but we were able to submit our Indiana State recorded performances for the Virtual Nationals. We entered 3 routines at the Junior and Senior level.

Congratulations to both the EC Juniors and Seniors!

Both teams qualified all 3 of their routines for the Best of The Best (Top 15 overall).

Both Junior Pom and Senior Jazz took 1st (Gold) Medal) in the Best of the Best.

Juniors and Seniors overall combined scores also earned them both


(Who wants to tell Dr. Black that the 6 foot traveling National Trophies are headed our way???) #weneedabiggertrophycase


EC Minis Starts September 21st!!!

EC Minis will hold their tryout / first practice on 9/21/ 2020 at NDES starting at 4:00pm. Please read the following information packet and fill out the Google Form to register!


Hayley, Hannah G, Abri, Hannah R, and Jazmyn - We didn't know that this very well may have been your last day dancing together with your team. Hopefully we get one more shot to say Goodbye to "The Fab 5!" We love you and you have meant so much to this team over the past 8 years!

Congratulations to Hannah Greene on making the U.S. Air Force Academy Dance Team! She's our 2nd dancer to make a D1 Collegiate Team! Good Luck to Abri Kidd as she plans on dancing at Purdue University as well! Finally Good Luck to Hayley Martin, Jazmyn Templeton, and Hannah Riley as the start the year at the University of Cincinnati! All 5 dancers were also awarded $1000.00 scholarships from the EC Dancers as 4 year members of the Senior Team.

Check out the Competition Highlights page for all of the 2020 State Championship routines!

Check out the link below for more pics of the

EC Marching Band and Dance Team!

12/28/2019 Indiana Pacers vs. Detroit Pistons Sold Out!

I'm pretty sure the +20,000 people in attendence came just too see The EC Dancers perform at half time! We had amazing night hanging out the the Pacer dancers and cheering on our favorite NBA team!!!

2017-2018 EAST CENTRAL DANCE Teams

  • 2018 National Classic Hip Hop Champions
  • 2018 Indiana State Grand Champions
  • 2018 Lawrenceburg Invitational Grand Champions
  • 2018 Franklin County Grand Champions
  • 2018 SCAU National Overall Gold Medal Champions for best overall routine!

Plus numerous category wins thorughout the season!

Congratulations on an amazing 2018 season!

Proud parade participants in the Bright Fireman's Parade, ECHS Homecoming, and of course, the Cincinnati Reds Opening Day Parade!