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Core Curriculum

Eureka Math

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Our core math curriculum is Eureka math. It is a comprehensive K-5 teaching tool aligned to the common core. Daily fluency practice activities, concept development lessons, and various practice opportunities are all utilized during our math block. The curriculum teaches higher level thinking skills and forces students to think about math beyond a surface level understanding. For more information, click here.


Zearn is an interactive, computer-based math tool that is aligned with Eureka math. As students experience Zearn, they are presented with computer adaptive fluency activities, guided lessons that solicit student input, and quick assessments that ensure students have grasped the focus concept. Students should only work on Zearn lessons during the school day, but it is a great tool for students to stay caught up when they are absent.

Common Core State Standards

The Common Core State Standards are a set of Math and ELA standards adopted by most states nationwide. They outline specific skills and concepts that every student should be able to know and do by the time they graduate from high school so they are college and work ready.

Units of Study