Safety is an important aspect of Summer Black Belt Camp. Tae Kwon Do can be a lot of fun, but it must always be safe.

The goal of the SBBC Board is to have a safe, fun camp. Please take some time and review the following:

No Contact rules are strictly enforced during camp. When sparring, maintain an appropriate distance. Never make contact. Instantly obey the field instructor's command to "Stop" if instructed. We want every camper to complete each workout safely. Control should always come first. Aggressive behavior and contact will not be tolerated. Do not throw unsafe techniques and be sure to block properly, only to the meaty side of the kicking leg.

Campers should inform the Camp Coordinator before camp if they have an injury or illness heading into camp.

Campers should remove ALL jewelry prior to each workout.

Campers should not attend if they suspect they have contagious illness.

Cramps are very common but largely avoidable, for information on how to have a "No Cramp- Camp" Click Here

Toe Nails should be trimmed and filed prior to participating. One camper with a jagged nail can cause many scrapes to other campers, including risk of infection