Mrs. Bird's

Math & Science Class

Thank you for a great year. Check out this video of our school year. I had a great time. I hope you all did too.

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6th Grade Math & Science Supply List 2017-2018

_____ Standard Calculator

_____ Binder Paper, college rule, steady supply

_____ Graph paper, steady supply

_____ Composition Book

_____ One – 1 ½ inch (EXACTLY) Three Ring Binder ***Please do not purchase a larger/smaller binder

_____ Page Protectors and/or Reinforcement circles (for torn binder pages)

_____ 2 dry erase markers (any colors except yellow)

_____ Basic colored pencil set

_____ Basic colored marker set

_____ 4 different colored highlighters

_____ Scissors

_____ Ruler

_____ Glue Stick

The Difference Between Formative and Summative

Summative Assessments, “Assessment of Learning”: Occurs when a teacher evaluates the final efforts, final product that proves learning. Their purpose is to determine the level of proficiency related to course outcomes or standards. Feedback may come in the form of a letter grade, pass/fail, or label (“exceeds standard”). Examples of learning products used to verify learning at the end of a learning segment may include: formal oral interview, observation of performance, final copy of written work, final presentation, final exam or other teacher-made tests, final presentation, showcase portfolio, final math solution, unit and/or chapter tests.

Exams (Summative): Tests are given the Wednesday or Friday after we complete and review the chapter, which is approximately every 2-3 weeks.

The option of retaking tests is available if needed. In the event a student wants to retake a test, the following will be required:

  1. All assigned homework problems for that chapter must be completed.
  2. Test corrections must be done and submitted for all missed problems.
  3. Make an appointment with the teacher to do a retake. Usually these are during tutorial or lunch.
  4. Retakes can be done anytime during the semester the test was taken.
  5. When you retake a test you will only retake the problems that you missed.

Formative Assessments, “Assessment for Learning”: Provides students with ongoing descriptive feedback telling them what they need to do to improve their work and may or may not be graded. Provides teachers with the feedback needed to inform instructional practice. Formative assessment occurs throughout a learning segment. Depending upon the instructional purpose, examples may include: daily work, graphic organizers, quizzes, rough drafts of written work, working portfolio, homework, questioning, observation of student doing work & feedback conversation with student, benchmark/interim tests, in-progress learning log entries, steps related to solving a math problem.

Assignments (Formative): Practice and review of new skills are keys to success in any mathematics program. As such, assignments will be given nightly. To receive full credit for assignments all work must be shown. Chapter assignment sheets will be stamped daily as the student’s homework is checked for completion. These will be kept at the very front of the binder and parents can check their student’s homework completion score for the chapter at any time by referring to this stamp sheet. For late work, students will be given 2 late passes per quarter; a student may turn in a late homework assignment for credit when using one of their late passes. Unused late passes may used at the end of the semester for 5 points extra credit each in the Assignment category.