About Uwill

SA + Uwill: Free Online Therapy for Scholars

Mental health is important

It impacts everything — from schoolwork and family life, to hanging out with friends, and everything in between. To support scholars through all of life’s ups-and-downs, Success Academy is partnering with Uwill, a free and confidential online therapy service that gives SA scholars the tools they need to succeed now, and in the future.

The Benefits of Uwill

An easy-to-use virtual counseling platform, Uwill connects you with a certified mental health professional at any time you choose, in any way you choose. Whether through video calls, phone calls, chat, or email, Uwill is a great tool for anyone who wants to:

  • Develop, plan, and work toward a goal

  • Learn new skills to help tackle challenges in life

  • Build confidence, independence, and college readiness

  • Discover more about themselves and their strengths

  • Establish, improve, and maintain healthy relationships

  • Strengthen resilience in the face of fear, stress, or anxiety

  • Feel better day-to-day, tackle a specific challenge, or just have support through a tough time

What do SA scholars think?

Scholars say they are happy with the app and the support they are receiving from their counselors, giving Uwill a 9.13/10 user satisfaction rating.

Here are tips for talking about therapy as a family.

What is Uwill?

Uwill is a free service that puts mental health support in the palm of your hand. A safe, secure — and confidential — platform, Uwill allows students nationwide to receive real-time counseling from licensed mental health professionals online. A platform used on many college campuses, Uwill counselors have wide-ranging backgrounds and experience in supporting young adults in many contexts. SA’s unique partnership allows scholars to choose the counselor they want, at the time they want, and access immediate support in whatever way they want. At no cost. Uwill is here for you — to listen, to help, and to work with you toward more great days.