How to databuss

It's not hard to book or use the databus, but if it's your first time, please go through the checklist below:

  1. Register as a customer!
    • This only have to be done once each year! You do it under the "Register"-tab.
  2. Read the rules and sign the contract
    • A member of DBus (the committé taking care of the databus) have to check your driving license before the contract is considered valid. Please contact us.
  3. Book the databus
    • You can check when the bus is available in the calender under the tab "Booking" and then fill out the form in the same page. Easy!
    • Ask for the code to the keylocker some days in advance.
  4. Drive!
    • Get the key from the key locker and get behind the wheel! Don't forget to fill out the driving journal under the tab "Driving journal".
  5. Refuel
    • If the tank is half full or less you have to refuel. But don't worry, the gas-price is already included! Just print out and fill out this form, and then put it in the black mailbox outside the boards-room and you will get your money back.