How to DBus

It's not hard to book or use the DBus, but if it's your first time, please read through the checklist below THOROUGHLY:

  1. Register as a customer!

    • This only have to be done once each year(1/5 - 30/4)! You do it under the "Register"-tab.

  2. Read the rules and sign the contract

    • A contract needs to be signed in person prior to using DBus. Bring your ID so we can confirm your identity!

    • You can still book the car prior to signing the contract, but you won't receive the code to the locker where the car key is until you have signed the contract.

    • Send a mail to to decide upon a time to meet up and sign the contract.

  3. Book DBus

    • You can check when the bus is available in the calendar under the tab "Booking" and then fill out the form in the same page. If the slot is available, the booking system will automatically add it to the calendar and send you an email to confirm this.

    • The code for the locker where the key is will automatically be sent to you by midnight the same day your booking starts if you have signed a contract.

  4. Drive!

    • Get the key from the key locker located by the north entrance of Idéläran.

    • Before start driving. Make sure to go through the checklist in the Driving Journal. If anything is out of order, take a picture and send to us via mail. If you don't you might be the one suffering the consequences when the next person uses the car and goes through the checklist.

  5. Refuel(if needed)

    • If the tank is less than half full you have to refuel. But don't worry, the gas-price is already included! Just print out and fill out this form, and then put it in the black mailbox outside the boards-room and you will get your money back.

    • You can also send the form, by regular mail, to:

Datateknologsektionen Chalmers Studentkår

Rännvägen 8


6. Park and fill out the driving journal form

    • Park Dbus in parkeringshus Mossen (top or bottom) or Gibraltarvallen.

    • Make sure to fill out the driving journal right away when you are done using, and have parked the car.